A new member on registration is expected to invite friends and relatives to join the initiative and those invited after becoming a financial member are also expected to do same. Every member pays a non refundable registration fee depending on the class of membership intended to belong and is qualified to all the benefits a financial member is entitled to.

As a Non Profit accumulating organization, the fees paid on registration are returned back to members in appreciation of their efforts to introduce more members through the referral concept. A financial member is expected to introduce not more than twenty new members after which the online wallet is credited with 25% of what the new members paid to become financial members too. This singular commission (a onetime effort) guarantees a member a financial empowerment to the tune of N1m N10m, N20m &N40m respectively depending on the membership plan registered for and a member continues to get 25% of whatever the immediate down line members get until is fully empowered

Any financial member in need can get financial assistant from the organization, having been able to introduce the expected maximum number of down line members. On satisfying the above requirement, a member is entitled to an amount not exceeding 200% of un-transferred fund in his online wallet (e.g. un-transferred N200k qualifies one to get N400k loan) without a collateral

The Initiative’s website created room for online referral invitation whereby members can use their email address book and phone number contacts to invite their friends. Anyone who responds and registers through your invitation is directly under you.

The above method made the process simple as it encourages those members who are computer literate but cannot approach people for one on one invitation to complete their down line.

The organization also has what is called supporting members. These are financial members who are not interested on the referral concept but want to support the organization to actualize its dreams and objectives. Such membership does not necessarily require referral code for registration but is also entitled to other benefit every financial member is entitled to.

Other Benefits

Every financial member is entitled to 25% discount on the Initiative’s charges on services rendered to the public such as in Schools, Hospitals, and Real Estate projects.

Fully empowered member can get project support from the Initiative up to 30% of project value, provided the project is for charity and must be able to touch lives.

Skill acquisition program is designed to prepare members for proper utilization of their empowerment fund, to enable them have a skill were their fund should be channeled if they so wish when they receive their bonus. Interested members should be able to select online, skills of their choice for acquisition and after compilation, a message will be sent to members through their email addresses as regards to venue, time and date for training.

The Initiative’s “Health without Boarders Project” is also designed to touch the lives of every member of the society as it shall be taken to all villages and towns as one of our charity works

The above mentioned are but a few of what we have in stock for our members. All our promises are 100% realistic and our internet platform is one of the best in the world. Our language is unambiguous; the computation is easy to understand and there is no hidden clause to short-change you in any way.

Say no to poverty; create unlimited wealth on your own using our Wealth for All Project’s internet platform and put smile on the faces of loved ones around you. Remember that “poverty is a choice” and taking the right decision when richness opportunities come is what has made most people rich and comfortable today, while indecision for fear of the unknown and wrong decisions have made so many people unsuccessful and poor.

God did not make man to be poor; hence He presents endless richness opportunities to him and gave him free will. The choice to either be poor or rich now becomes man’s to make. Repeated wrong decisions have discouraged so many from trying reliable, efficient and effective new richness opportunities.

Do not give up, continue striving until you overcome poverty, mostly now that unemployment level is rising beyond government control. Let past failures and disappointment not discourage you from being part of us today.

Join the moving Train, join Rauxmac International Initiative and say bye to poverty. Visit www.rauxmac.org for more enquiries. Membership online registration is free but benefits are for paid up members.