Test And See How Good It Feels To Help A Soul In Dire Need : Wealth For All Initiative

Are you compassionate?
Are you a philanthropist?
Are you a politician?

Do you feel pity on the plight of the poor in your community back in Nigeria and beyond?

Do you have the philanthropic urge to assist any poverty ravaged nation or community in any part of Africa and beyond?

Can we examine our relationships with others and touch our chest and say that we are truly the image of God, when God is love ? and love ? is Giving?

Do you know that the real joy of wealth comes from the extent it gives hope to the hopeless, good health to the sick and food on the table of the poor.

Are you also aware that thousands die each year because they can not afford to pay hospital bills or have access to good and affordable healthcare ? delivery services?

We need not have millions of dollars before we Can put a smile on the faces of starving families. No act of charity done for love ? of humanity goes unrewarded by God.

We have created platforms to reach out to the poorest of the poor in the rural Nigeria communities through outreach programs, covering free healthcare services to mostly women, children and the elderly, using our team of practicing medical workers, we provide relief materials to people in disaster affected communities, we also embark on human capital development initiatives and provision of scholarships to the brilliant children of the poor.

What can we do for God in appreciation of His blessings of wealth if not giving to our brethren?

Think humanitarian services, think Rauxmac International Initiative.
Support our humanitarian project by donating generously and compassionately to the indegents through our NGO, Rauxmac International Initiative, indicating the purpose of your donation.

For more information and enquiry, visit www.rauxmac.org or send us email via info@rauxmac.org or rauxmac@gmail.com

Thanks as you help us touch lives through your partnerships and donations and your name shall be recorded in the ” Golden Book of The Compassionate”.

No donation is small as it can at least pay for a child’s drug prescription in hospital.

God bless you!

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